"Vegan Meat Quinoa Grain Bowl Salad"

"If you love salad, she will always love you back!"

"Healthy Grain Bowls best in town"

"No words required here"



Using local fresh vegetable with a mix of Italian original topping, Lord of salads brings you a light and yet tasty food to have at anytime of the day. Salad is made on the spot and all the ingredient are cooked to order. Lord of salads is the perfect solution if u want to stay light but dont miss in the energy to get thru your day. Simple is good if is simple and good!!!

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2 days ago

Free ice cream every order..... Yes!! FREE!!!
Order from our website and:

Buon appetito!!!

Thanks to #DomaniGelato for sponsoring. Best ice cream in Bangkok!!!

2 weeks ago

Lord of Salads, We make you the best 💯💚
Lord of Salads เราตั้งใจมอบสิ่งที่ดีที่สุดให้กับคุณ💯💚
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4 weeks ago

Enjoy Salad 😉
Lord of Salads 🇮🇹
ทานสลัดให้มีความสุข 😉
เลือกเรา Lord of Salads🇮🇹
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1 month ago

Have a nice day n good health💪
Have Quinoa🥑🥜🌰
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